Abstract submissions will open on Monday 26 September and close on Monday 9 January, 2017.


To submit your abstract please click here. You will need to create an EasyChair account if you do not already have one.


Instructions for Authors
  1. DOCUMENT SETUP. Your paper must be submitted in either Microsoft WORD or Adobe PDF format with NO document security. The filename must have the appropriate extension (“.doc” or “.pdf”). All papers submitted as PDFs MUST have fonts and images embedded. Use a 12 point Times New Roman typeface, 6 lines per vertical inch. Use italics for taxonomic terms; do not use underlines. Avoid individualized formatting and special typefaces.


  1. TEXT. Papers should be a condensed version of the final presentation and include all significant findings. Write the text so that readers who are not specialists can appreciate the purpose of the study and understand the procedures and conclusions. All contributions will be reviewed for scientific content by the program committee. Authors are strongly encouraged to keep the length to two (2) pages. All submissions for society awards and prizes must meet these requirements. All contributions must conform to the layout requirements.


  1. MARGINS. Set the margins for each page to: Top/Bottom = 1 inch (25.4 mm) Left/Right = 0.75 inch (19.1 mm).


  1. PAGE 1. Text only on this page, no illustrations. Title on first line must be 14-point boldface with initial capitals. For the rest of the text, use 12-point Times New Roman. Use single line spacing if more than one line is needed for the title. Leave one line of space before the author names. Start the authors’ names, each followed by a comma and superscript numbers to reference to each author’s affiliation. Leave one line of space between author names and affiliations. Superscript the first author’s affiliation and provide the complete postal address. Similarly, on the next line type the next author’s affiliation and complete address, etc. Do not centre the title, author names or affiliations; return each line to the left margin. Leave one line of space, and begin the first paragraph without indentation. Skip a line between each paragraph.


  1. PAGE 2. This page may include text, figures, and/or tables (if any). Place table captions above tables at the left margin; place figure captions below figures. Bring all artwork to the left margin. See examples in the model paper.


  1. LINE DRAWINGS, MICROGRAPHS AND PHOTOS. All artwork must be electronically incorporated into the text. Show figure part number and scale marker (e.g., 1 um) as needed. Line art must be created either in a drawing program or scanned into a suitable format for importing into the document; check that the weights of lines and sizes of label fonts in embedded legends allow the figure to be understandable at the final reproduction size in the document.


  1. TABLES. All tables must be electronically incorporated into the text. Use the table-making functions of the word processor to create the table with a horizontal rule top and bottom and below the column headings. Indicate units (in parentheses) in column headings as needed. Type information single-spaced within the table.


  1. REFERENCES. Show citations in the text as an Arabic number on the line in square brackets, preferably at the end of the sentence, before the period [1].